Let me introduce myself

My name is Karolina but people mainly call me by my surname, Figas, so feel free to do that too. I’m 20 and currently living in a forest in Indonesia.

Being here I have A LOT of time and, while gardening, go through phases of experimentation, studying and borderline excessive life contemplation.

I grew up in Poland and at the age of 15 moved to London. We (my mum and sisters) used to move a lot, for many reasons. I’d change schools and environments frequently, so much so that I now cannot stand living in one place for too long. Pretty sure it encouraged my obsession with travelling.

I can honestly say, I’m happy.

…but things haven’t always been too great…

I’ve gone through some dark times both physically and mentally – struggled with insomnia, chronic stress, traumas, severe acne, body dismorphia, depressive states – and want to share what I know now that I wish someone would’ve told me back then. Also, this helps me personally when things resurface and to overcome new challenges that still arise day to day.

I’ve always found watching others be more transparent in their journey inspiring and insightful, so I want to do the same.

I’ve tried to keep a diary, journals, notebooks but am just not the kind of person to stick to things like that unless I’m talking to someone other than myself, hence the blog. I called it ‘undefined’ because it does not have a clear thematic – just like the PlaneOfThoughts in my head.

This is a tool for documentation, storage of important information and a platform for expression as I’m trying to make a living in this digital age. I’m making it public for accountability’s sake and anyone reading might just learn a way or two to make life better.