Put your pride on the line to follow through

Two years ago, I made my first somewhat long post online, it felt so good, freeing and ever since I knew that’s what I ought to do – write and share with others. I’m going to insert the main bit of that post here:

It seems fitting now, that I’ve started this blog and a new permaculture dedicated Indonesian Instagram account, to return to and share anew my thoughts on the topic. Though I don’t think I can put it in words any better than I already have, let’s elaborate.

You know, I always envied the people who could just decide on something and follow through without hesitation, without self-imposed hinderance, simply by sheer will power and self – discipline. No matter how hard I tried, just couldn’t become that person.

And it’s freaking frustrating because many things really are as simple as following a few fool-proof steps to achieve. Say, you want to lose weight, you could just cut 200kcal a day while eating “clean” and do your preffered form of exercise 3 times a week. Or may it be playing your instrument – two hours a day of practice. Getting better at drawing? Also know what to do. Nothing fancy, straightforward, simple steps.

Here’s where the devil lies – simple does not mean easy; that’s where we fall off track.

Just give me your attention for a moment, please.

While we could moan about our lack of strong will power and natural predisposition to procrastinate (if you’re anything like me, hi 👋) and get more of nothing done in the process we could, alternatively, finally stop the bs.

I think you get the point, it is not that we don’t have the recipe (in the vast majority of cases) but that we do not have the necessary interpersonal tools developed.

Get out of the closet

We are scared of people finding out about our goals in case we don’t make it. Seems we want to hide at all cost, particularly when it comes to those who know us personally. Perhaps, they’ve already seen you try and fail before. Perhaps, they have a negative view of you in one area and you think they will automatically assume the same this time.

Oh the embarassment…the judgement…the comments and gossips… the looks…the mocking laughter…

“If I can just get to 1000 subscribers, then I’ll tell them” – I fall prey to this kind of thinking way too often.

True, if you don’t tell anyone then there is no social consequence to quitting… which in practice means you are only as likely to last through the commitment as strong is your toolset (self-discipline, will power, dedication, motivation, etc). So the secrecy approach totally works for some and that’s fantastic.

The key to success in anything is actually developing the “tools” within yourself – do not neglact that by any means. However, that gem takes time and work, let me tell you, and putting your pride on the line by letting the world watch might just be the needed push, enough to propel you forward until you can propel yourself.

Think: deciding to back up from a rollercoaster ride before joining the line vs when it’s about to be your turn; a lot more stares and heads shaking at you in disapproval.


My number one tip/remedy is: MAKE IT KNOWN. The “IT” being your goal, that film you’ve been trying to make, the blog you’ve been meaning to start, fitness journey, your music… Turn the fear of judgement into a motivating force.

If you say you’re going to do something people will expect results and yes, that is a lot of pressure, yet pressure which I encourage you to choose to have. Because didn’t they teach you how to make a diamond?

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