My daily plane dump

Like most of you, I take a daily ride on the intertubes. And although “Not all who wander are lost”, I must admit that frequently my best planned flights on the internet lead me to a destination that I hadn’t planned on going, and, looking back, I struggle to remember how I got there. That’s not to say that the journey wasn’t interesting; it mostly is.

Now I hear you ask (or it may just be the voices in my head): “What’s a plane dump?” It’s a neologism, evolved from “brain dump”, of course, and it’s specific to this website which talks about planes of thought [see origin here]

This series of daily plane dumps is an attempt to document the notable bits of information I picked up during that day all tied up in a meta-discussion, in the hopes that it causes some worthwhile cogitation-agitation in your noggin.

Do leave a word or twelve in the comments if the cogitation causes sufficient agitation to power your digit-al extremities (fingers! get it?) into action.

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