About Plane of Thought

Years ago, I quit a low-paying but comfortable software development job and took to the skies to be a consultant. During this time, I found that I always metaphorically checked in my thought baggage before boarding the flight. The result? Extraordinarily optimistic, “the-sky’s-the-limit” (no pun intended) kind of thinking during the entire flight duration.

Of course, every one of those flights (the physical one) had a landing, causing an interruption to my internal flight (sadly, I have also never forgotten to pick my thought baggage up at my destination).

So a “Plane of Thought” is, IMHO, a much needed upgrade to the plodding “train of thought”. It’s got its pros and cons of course. A plane of thought is light and airy, and travels farther and faster. But by the same token, it can be accused of being shallow and forgettable. The trick is finding the right balance, but i fear this analogy may already be taking itself too seriously.

So go on to the rest of the site, and judge for yourself.